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For Parents


Super Kids Tutoring works in partnership with parents to support their child’s academic, social and emotional growth and well being by working with your child's school and other providers, from OT to psychologists to coordinate care.



Many children need support services. 

Determining what services your child needs, how to access those services and find support when those services are not available at your school can be challenging and overwhelming. You're not alone.


Super Kids Tutoring can help you secure the services you need, coordinate and facilitate communication between your school, providers and you. 

With the many responsibilities placed upon parents today, along with the lack of resources, time or knowledge, raising young children can be a challenge.

Super Kids Tutoring

can and will help

both you and your child.


Super Kids Tutoring can:

Act as a liaison between home and school to facilitate a transition or change.

Conduct in home visits to help set up learning spaces and routines with your child so they work more effectively and efficiently at home.

Observe your child in the classroom, playground or any other setting to determine their challenges and devise strategies to support them.

Coach you through important pre-school or school interviews and meetings with teachers and other school professionals.

Provide you with positive behaviour management strategies to use at home with your challenging child.

Assist you to find the right school for your child.

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